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Thank you for visiting Madison's Meadow!
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Our spring kidding is well underway with 24 kids on the ground so far. 21 of them being born within one week.....WOW!!! We have just a few more does to kid and spring kidding will be complete.

We are very pleased with the udders we are seeing on the does as they freshen. They are consistent. We have worked hard to cull out past udders as their daughters improved upon them and are proud that over 90% of our current doe herd are Madison's Meadow animals. We have had to make tough decisions and part with animals we truly loved in order to make room for the "next generation" as we improved udder capacity, milk production, and continued to maintain the confirmation that helps our girls hold up over time.

Feel free to schedule a visit. We'd love to "talk goat" with you!



An extra special Thank You to those who have added a Madison's Meadow animal to their herd or home. We know you have the freedom to choose where you get your animals from and feel blessed and honored that you chose from Madison's Meadow.


~ Farmer Caz ~

~ Farmer Madi ~





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Those foot imprints were made when we started the farm.
The foot is Madison summer 2010
How time flies!! .


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